Karnataka State High Court Awarded KFCC Dispute Resolution Board as The Apex body to resolve any disputes in Kannada Film Industry.

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Ba Ma Harish(President)
Jai Jagadish(VP Producer)
Kumar.M.N(Secreatory Disributor)
Kushal L.C(Secreatory Exhiitor)
Prakesh G.P(Vice President Exhibitors)
Srinivas H.C(Shilpa)(VP Distributor)
Sunder Rajan(Secreatory Producer)

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KFCC is the oraganization is known for maintaining unity in diversity. KFCC helps to balance harmony between public, government, economy, Kannada-Culture, Kannada-film-industry.

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KFCC/MFCC was primarily taking care of exhibitors needs, such as the carbon requirements of the theatres and known as carbon association. Later distributors and producers formed part of the Chamber.

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KFCC coordinates between various sectors of stakeholders in Kannada film industry.
Producer Sector
Distributor Sector
Exhibitor Sector
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The Film festival is being organized by the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy for Government of Karnataka supported by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. Bengaluru is main centre of International film culture in keeping with Karnataka’s glorious heritage and the State’s achievements in the fields of literature, fine arts, and cinema. The Kannada Film Industry has made major contribution to the quality and range of cinematic expression and grown to produce more than 100 films per annum. Kannada Films have received national and international awards and appreciations at various Film Festivals. The festival witnessed more than 8000 delegates. All of them appreciated the quality of cinema.

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